Quiroga College is authorized by the IBHE to Grant Associate Degrees in Applied Sciences

Quiroga College is a private, Catholic college located in heart of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education, at its regular meeting August 2, 2018, granted Quiroga College authorization to grant in the Chicago Region the following:

– Associate of Applied Science in Business

– Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts

– Associate of Applied Science in Family and Early Childhood Education

This authorization is based upon the information provided in the Applications for Degree Authority and any supplemental information you may have provided as a part of the application. Authorizations are given under the authority delegated to the Illinois Board of Higher Education under “The Private College Act” (110 ILCS 1005). “The Academic Degree Act” (110 ILCS 1010).

Quiroga is dedicated to developing future leaders within the Roman Catholic tradition of social responsibility and ethical behavior.